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A Season of Camp

By Ted Resnikoff



Everyone Welcome @ Unirondack – find your tribe and go

Unirondack is known for creating a camp experience where people, "live the values that are inherent in Unitarian Universalist principles – acceptance, compassion and decision-making through the democratic process."

The result is that each camp experience is built around the unique community formed by the people who are there.

Check out the Unirondack Spring, Summer and Fall Camp Schedule

Information on upcoming camps: Men's Gathering, June 6-8 Young Adult Reunion, June 15-18 Summer Youth Camp (several sessions, click to check dates) High Peaks Adventure, July 27- August 2 (Teen trip camp) Family Camp, August 17-23 Members Weekend, October 10-13 (free for Unirondack members)(Become a member) Work Weekends (More fun than the name would have you think)