2012 Hours Against Hate: Tell Your Story
2012 Hours Against Hate: Tell Your Story

"2012 Hours Against Hate – Our Story"

Volunteer one hour where you spend time with

someone different from you. 

Find someone who doesn’t look like you,

or who does not live like you

AND who doesn’t pray like you.

      Spend an hour engaged in some activity with this person. This activity could be eating together, visiting a special place, etc.  The “doing it together” part is more important than exactly what you are doing. For as many ways as you find that you are different, talk with that person about how many ways you are the same.  How many things do you have in common? Can you make the ratio 5 to 1? Two winning stories will be chosen by Odyssey Networks which will send a professional video crew to film you and your story! The winning video will be shown on our website! HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Visit the Odyssey Networks 2012 Hours Against Hate web page  for a guide through the process and tips for making this time a valuable experience, and making your story a compelling one! Sign up and tell us the story on the  Odyssey Networks website.  

Written stories must be submitted to Odyssey Networks by July 15, 2012.

2012 Hours Against Hate is also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/2012HoursAgainstHate

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