New Young Adult and Campus Ministry Associate
New Young Adult and Campus Ministry Associate

Welcome to Annie!

The UUA's new Young Adult and Campus Ministries Associate, Annie Gonzalez, starts work on August 16. Join me in welcoming her to the UUA's Youth and Young Adult Ministries team! Annie is a newly fellowshipped Unitarian Universalist minister who lives in the Bay Area of California with her partner Lucas.  She’s a lifelong UU from the Midwest who acquired a deep love for Christian stories and symbols during her three years at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Annie says that participating in UU student groups and young adult programs as a college student made a huge impact on her life.  These experiences drew her to do her ministerial internship in Davis, California where the intern minister has the privilege of leading their campus ministry group.  She’s very excited to be working for the UUA to help grow and strengthen our ministry to young adults and students. Watch for more information from Annie to come in the next few weeks.  

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  • Carey McDonald is the UUA's Executive Vice President. He's a lifelong UU who has worked in nonprofit, government, political and progressive organizations.

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