Summer Seminary Faculty Participation
Summer Seminary Faculty Participation
Faith Development, High School-Aged Youth Faith Development

We are deeply grateful for your participation in the annual Summer Seminary - your presence makes a huge difference in the lives of its youth participants! Here is everything you need to know and do to be a "faculty" member.

  1. Your Primary Contacts
    1. Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson, minister at UU Congregation of the South Fork, NY, is the Staff and Faculty Coordinator for Summer Seminary. She can be reached at kqj419 [at] gmail [dot] com.
    2. Jennica Davis-Hockett, UUA youth ministries associate, is the UUA staff developer and liaison for Summer Seminary. She can be reached at jdavis-hockett [at] uua [dot] org or 801-201-6260 (cell).
  2. Contact Form—​this online form provides us with your contact-information and other important info we need to address you respectfully, and to send your check and thank-you note promptly.
  3. W9 Form—​this secure online form gives us the back-up paperwork we need to process your payment (this is only required for those who are receiving a stipend).
  4. Memo of Understanding—​this online agreement denotes what we are all agreeing to do for each other in relation to this event; it requires both your and our electronic signatures. You should only fill out and e-sign ONE of the below.
  1. Google Drive Folder—​this is the place online where any resources or materials you'll need will be stored. The link will give you complete access to every document in this folder that is designated solely for your use in working as faculty for Summer Seminary.
  2. The Site - [we'll put instructions and directions here about where you are to go closer to the event]

For more information contact

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