Events and Trainings

a crowd of young people are in the background while in the foreground a young man and young woman are speaking together from a podium

a bridging youth and a young adult share their stories during a worship service at General Assembly 2016

Unitarian Universalists believe that we are better together. When we come together, we can create change, nurture our spirits and learn new things. Our faith offers many opportunities to gather amongst peers and in multigenerational community alike.

National Events

General Assembly

Thousands of UUs gather every year at General Assembly. Youth and young adults are vital members of the GA community.

GA Youth brings together all youth attendees of GA for workshops, worship, social events and more. Learn about youth attending GA, programming, housing and sponsors in our Frequently Asked Questions.

YA@GA hosts programs and events for young adults of all backgrounds to network, worship, and build inclusive community as participants in the larger GA community.


Formerly Multicultural Leadership School, Thrive Young Adult and Thrive Youth bring together Unitarian Universalist young people of color (People of African Descent, Caribbean, Native/American Indian, Asian and Pacific Islander, Latina/o and Hispanic, Middle Eastern/Arab, and Multiracial) to deepen their faith, nourish their spirits, and build critical skills for leadership in the face of our uncertain, broken and beautiful world.

UU-United Nations Office

The Intergenerational Spring Seminar is an opportunity to collaborate with others while learning how to be a global activist. Through workshops, peer and expert-led panel discussions, community building activities, and worship services, you will undergo a transformative process of learning, reflection, and growth while exploring some of the most challenging issues facing humanity today.

UU College of Social Justice

GROW (Grounded and Resilient Organizer's Workshop) Fellowship and Retreat help build skills, deepen leadership, and uplift the spirits of young adult activists (ages 18-34).

Global Justice Summer Internships are available for young adults (ages 18–34) who wish to deepen their engagement with social justice and discover new ways to put their faith into action.

Local and Regional Events


Youth and multigenerational UU Camps, summer institutes and retreat centers can be found all across the nation. Find a camp near you!

Group hug during song worship in Youth Caucus 2015

Group hug during a song worship for Youth Caucus at General Assembly

Two young adults stand behind a podium with the UUA logo on the front. A young man gestures toward the bandana tied onto a young woman's neck.

2014 YA@GA Co-facilitators Jonathan Rogers and Hannah Roberts model the blue bandanas that mark YA@GA staff.

Graduating Class of Summer Seminary 2015

18 youth gathered in Denver, CO forSummer Seminary 2015.

a group of young adults, half people of color and half white, are making fun faces outside of a church

Young adults of color attending Thrive joined with white young adults for GROW Racial Justice in 2016 in New Orleans.

Three young women are reading books in chairs on a porch

Young adults read on the porch during the opening retreat for Meaning Makers