Presentation of Quinceañera

A Latina girl in a full, formal teal gown, and holding a bouquet of turquoise flowers, shot from above.

Presentation of quinceañera by parents: (Minister’s name), I, (parent), and I, (parent), present to the congregation of [congregation's name] and of our family and friends, our daughter, (name), upon the occasion of her 15th birthday. Today we acknowledge her transition from the role of our little girl, to the status of a young woman who has a part to play in the life of the larger world. We ask for her the blessing and admonition of this community, as she takes up the duties and privileges of her new place among us.

Renewal of dedication promises:

Minister: (Name), I receive you on behalf of this community of faith, and invite you now to affirm in your own person, the promises that were once made for you in the ceremony of dedication, when you were a child.

Is it your intention to continue in the liberal religious tradition, to learn all that you can, and to formulate your beliefs with intelligence and integrity? ("It is.")

Do you undertake to live as your parents and this community have endeavored to show you, affirming the values of truth, justice, compassion, and the unique worth of every person? ("I do.")

Will you strive to grow in the light of truth and grace, to fill your days with service to others and with songs of joy, and to leave as your legacy a life rich in work, in aspiration, and in love? ("I will.")

At this moment of transition in your life, is there a message that you would like to give to your parents? (Statement of thanks to parents by quinceañera, written in advance with assistance from the minister.)

Presentation of chalice (engraved with congregation’s name, quinceañera’s name, and date)

DRE: On behalf of the religious education program, and the congregation of [congregation's name], I present you, (name), with this chalice, symbol of the heritage of our free faith. It represents all that we have learned together with you, and our hopes and rejoicing for you as you begin your journey into adulthood and a wider world. I invite you now to light it for the first time, and to carry its flame in your heart everywhere you go. Remember that we love you and believe in you, and that this community will always be here for you.

Lighting of chalice by quinceañera