We Are Known in Community

At night, a person in a black hoodie holds a lantern while standing on the sea shore. In the darkness, we see only the person’s head and upper body lit by the lantern, as well as the dark blue sea and some clouds visible in the last light of day. There are stars in the sky above.

We who have no all-knowing deity to whom to relegate all the heartbreaks and complexities of human hatreds often feel alone.

We are held only in our search for truth.

We who are not sure of what is larger than us are sometimes left with a sense of burden when the world is troubled.

Our prayers witness and affirm mindful actions.

We witness the voices of generations raised in opposition to one another. We witness strife and conflict and long for the one simple answer we know can never be.

Our hope is to be open to new wisdoms and ancient truths.

In our angers at the state of the world, we can lash out or are tempted to retreat within our own hearts.

We are known in community. May we continue to strive to know one another in community.