Doing the Work That Needs to Be Done

There are UU Congregations that haven’t adopted the 8th Principle, or have voted against it because they feel our other Principles cover it. But they don’t. The other Principles absolutely do not cover it.

The 8th Principle is about action. It is about actively dismantling racism. It specifically speaks to dismantling racism within the institution, our institutions.

UU Congregations are notorious for saying we want more people of color to come through our doors; that we don’t understand why they are not there; why they used to be there and aren’t anymore. If your congregation isn’t adopting the 8th Principle, or you’re considering voting against it, there’s your answer.

To me, a vote against the 8th Principle is a vote against me; against our Principles; against love.

The 8th Principle is about doing the work that needs to be done: the work that you think you are doing as individuals and as a congregation, but you're not really doing. By adopting this principle, it would actively show that you really do love and care about the community.