All too often, we pace the geometries of our walled gardens

All too often, we pace the geometries of our walled gardens,

Believing we are traversing the whole of creation.

With spirits of discovery, let us uncover the mysteries nested in our routines,

With the eagerness of children, let us seek out the secrets unfolding in our peripheral vision.

Let us behold each fellow creature with reverence;

Let us greet each day with praise and thanksgiving.

For life is a gift of incomprehensible magnitude;

Our lives are voyages with unknowable destinations.

Along the way, let us meet, kiss, challenge, and support one another,

Let us fashion a network of mutuality and extend it into the larger world.

In these ways, we forge lives of goodness and beauty;

In these ways, we know the life of prayer.

About the Author

  • The Rev. John Gibb Millspaugh holds a master's degree from Harvard Divinity School and Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government . He is the Executive Director of Carnism Awareness and Action Network.

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