Einstein on Time

Someone told me once that
Einstein thought
time is a variable.
That is to say that time is not a constant.
Are you following this?
I think Einstein was right.

When I was a child, a year was a YEAR!
Now a year is a week.
When I was a child, a week was a whole bunch of days
of limitless possibilities,
so numerous that I planned ahead
only as far as the afternoon.
Now a week is a few meetings
interspersed with frenetic activity
that I have apparently convinced myself is important.
Never mind enjoying the moment.
Never mind stopping to smell the roses.

Yesterday, a lifetime was forever,
like a light year.
But today, swirling in a mix of tomorrows and yesterdays,
a light year is comprehendible,
and finite.

But let's not talk cosmic stuff.
Let's not throw in big words to impress.

If Einstein was right,
and I think he was,
where is the throttle?
How do I slow this thing down?