Showing Up

A man sits, hands loosely clasped, with downturned face, with a busy city street behind him.

"A little bit of meditation is better than no meditation. Two minutes is better than zero minutes.

Consistency sends a signal to your whole system, to the divine, to the planet that you want to serve that you’re showing up, that your attention is there. Just give it two minutes on the days you’ve just got two minutes. You’re signaling your system that you’re committed; that you’re attending to all of you…[Y]ou’re giving what you’ve got to give that day, and that’s the important part.

And when the days come when you’ve got fifteen minutes of open space—and maybe that fifteen minutes, for you, turns into twenty or thirty or it’s an hour to sit; whatever feels like nourishing grace—those are the days when you have it to give.

Just show up with what you’ve got to give that day. It makes all the difference."