One Piece of a Deeply Sacred Whole

When we say, "Save the rainforest," we don’t mean that we cease to honor the mighty cedars or the reaching pines. We mean that one particular piece of a deeply sacred whole is more at risk than others, and that this risk, this threat, is worthy of our very bravest actions. So it is with black lives in this country, and the message that Black Lives Matter is important so long as this nation effectively functions as if they do not.

A Black woman raises a black bandana which reads "Black Lives Matter" in a crowd of people

The Promise and the Practice: "Words Matter" Reading

By Carol Thomas Cissel

From WorshipWeb

Diverse. Multicultural. Inclusive. Welcoming. If I made a list of every single Unitarian Universalist congregation I have served, visited or worshipped at, they would have a few things in common—including the use of these words. Perhaps on the front of the Order of Service?...

The Promise and the Practice: "Words Matter" Reading