Prayer for the Living

In a green meadow, a person pushes a wheelchair occupied by an elderly woman.

As my body begins to loose its hold
On this life, this earth, this entirety,
May I lay my past to rest
And face the unknowable
With courage and curiosity.

May those to whom I am connected gather.
May they recall me as I am and have been.
May they forgive any forgivable harm
I may have caused, every instance of neglect.
May they release their own regrets as well.

May they remember moments of laughter,
Times of affection and memory.
May they laugh and cry as they tell stories
Of my words and actions, my character.
May they know I am saying farewell, too.

May they sit quietly, or listen to music.
May they care for themselves and one other
As I would have in my best moments.
May kind people arrive to support them
And to assist me on this starlit path.

And when I move into that final mystery
May they comfort one another.
May they each find a way to embody
Whatever they have learned from me.
May they rise, stretch, heal, and live.