Invocation to the Spirit of Life (An Alternative Lord's Prayer)

Two open hands, palms up, pin the stem of a small yellow flower.

Spirit of Life and Love, Holy God, Source Eternal, in our midst yet still ever so elusive:

To breathe your sacred name is a blessing.

Your world become,

Your will be done here, on Earth, inspired by our aspirations to do and be better people.

May we have all that we need to survive, live, and thrive.

Remind us to be gentle; may we love mercy and kindness, recalling the times when we've fallen short ourselves.

Call us to be firm; may we not be tempted to follow selfish motivations or reside in our narrow privileges, unexamined and uninterrogated; move us to counter and overcome evil and injustice in ourselves, our lives, and institutions.

Yours is the Beloved Community, the fire of commitment in our hearts, and the spirit of generosity and abundance, now and always.