Help us to hold the mystery

In front of stone walls, two round trays hold an array of slim, lit candles

Spirit of life and death,
Thou who art as present to us in our suffering
As in our wellbeing,
Abide with us in this permeable time
Between dusk and dark.
Soothe the secret pains we carry.
Bless us with the courage to move toward our grief
And not away.

When all is hidden—
When we find ourselves moving among the shadows—
When we do not know the way—
Quiet our hearts; still our restlessness.
Help us to embrace the unknown:
To hold the mystery,
And to let ourselves be held by it.
For Thou art the great Hiddenness,
And yet we know that our breath is not so close to us
As thy presence.

Abide with us, O spirit of compassion,
As the power of healing,
The assurance of peace,
The Love that will not let us go.

This prayer was written for a Tenebrae service (Good Friday)