The Heart of Both-And

A sea of signs, above people's heads at a rally or protest. The center sign on red posterboard is a large black heart with "love" written inside.

Spirit of Life, ever adapting and renewing, we come together this morning with yearnings that do not match: We yearn for stability, for even one moment of feeling like we know what is going on, for the ability to predict and prepare for what is coming next. Yet we also yearn for change. We ache for a world that turns aside from racism, violence, dehumanization, and disregard for suffering. We pray for a change in the illness, grief, isolation, incarceration, and vulnerability of our loved ones. We reach for connections that will remind us that we are worthy as we are, and we reach for connections that will help us to become our best selves.

Hold us in the heart of Both-And. Cradle us in the mystery.

Cherish us in the eternal presence of love, and encourage us on the path of growth and development. As individuals and as a people, help us to become who we are called to be. Lead us to open pathways to deeper wisdom through reconciliation, self-respect and mutual respect, compassion, owning and making amends for our mistakes.

Source of Wonder, move us to express and live in gratitude for the beauty of this world, the loving people in our lives, and this day of possibility. To this we add the meditations of our hearts, as we enter into a time of silence.