A Father's Day Prayer

Today is Father’s Day, so we take this moment to hold space for all that may mean to us.

A tiny infant is cradled gently against the chest of a man, seen from the neck down, with muscular arms.

We hold love for those who have lost fathers, and for those fathers who have lost children.

We acknowledge and hold non-binary, transgender, and cisgender dads in families made of two dads, foster and adoptive dads, and single dads.

We hold and work to lift up all fathers of color, and those fathers raising children of color. We hold fathers kept apart from their children by borders and war.

We hold fathers and children who have lost connection, children who have been disowned or abandoned by their fathers, and the father-figures who step in.

We hold those longing to become fathers.

We hold those who may be full of questions about their biological fathers.

Most importantly we hold and thank the dads, the papas, the daddies, and all who show up everyday to give their all to the children who need them.

Human relations are complicated. These days of recognition are complex. Please take a moment to breathe in what serves you... and breathe out that which does not.