Ramadan Home

A bowl of dates, a strand of prayer beads, and a small brass pot.

You bathe me in your moonlight
as I kiss the ground
in gratitude for You
The neighborhood is still
the dreamers, lost in the movies in their minds
have no knowledge of the dawn
of the sliver of light that gazes towards us
reminding us that hope resides in prayer

My lips drip with the watermelon juices
reddish pink like blood
but sweet like life
Thirst suppressed for the moment
as my desert-parched lips
cracked from giving up, letting go
of desire, of need
over and over again
each day
tastes the momentary, moistening miracle
provided by You
And each bite
tantalizes my tongue
while the fragrance of date palms
tickle my nose
and fronds awaken yearnings once again
And I and You, Beloved
I and You
become One

It is as if the breath of cardamom
whispers the name we long to know
Allah Hu
Allah Hu
Allah Hu
And my body returns
my heart remembers
and Ramadan, never forgotten
entices me back
to Love, and
I am home, once again