Invitation to Arrive and Rest

A pitcher of flowers rests on the windowsill inside a room reseembling a chapel

These opening words are formatted for two readers, as indicated below.

1: Out of the din of the city

2: Away from the noise of the crowds

BOTH: We come

1: To rest in this moment

2: In this place

1: Set apart from the never-ending to-do lists

2: Embracing the seventh day, a day of rest

BOTH: We come

1: To the warmth and stillness

2: Of this sacred hour

1: Remember, you have chosen to be here
Something in your life led you to arrive here, now

2: Whatever tasks and cares await you
Now, for this brief time, simply rest

1: Allow your soul to be nurtured
Let the waves in your mind and heart gradually subside

2: As you come home to yourself
Holy, and whole

BOTH: Come let us worship, together