Called by Loss, Called by Peace

We come this day, called by war
By the suffering we inflict and endure
When minds across borders
fail to reason and compromise.

We come this day, called by loss,
The deaths of those who serve in our name,
Those whose lives end before their natural course
In service to a cause greater than their own.

We come this day, called by hope
Hope that we will, in some season,
Finally surrender our swords for ploughshares

And we come this day called by peace.
May we hear its song, may we proclaim its promise.
May our remembrance today renew our struggle
We can never stay or rest.

(Heather suggests following these opening words with Hymn #161 in Singing the Living Tradition, "Peace! The Perfect Word," as the last line draws from the hymn.)

A lawn marked by tidy rows of small American flags, suggesting a memorial to fallen soldiers

Remembering Well

By Paul S Sawyer

From WorshipWeb

The first time I ever played “Taps” was at summer camp when I was ten years old. That was the year I started playing trumpet, so I can only imagine how it sounded. I know there was no way that I could have hit the high note near the end. The first time I played Taps in honor of those who died...

Remembering Well