A Tangible Commitment

[Congregation] leaders, both volunteers and staff members, work diligently throughout the year to be careful and attentive stewards of the congregation and its funds.

Countless meetings, reports, documents, and budgets are necessary to maintain the health of an organization, especially one that has endured for over [many years or generations].

We depend on our tools and on our teams to track where every dollar goes, and they do just that. But the gifts you make to our weekly offering or through your annual pledge represent far more than lines on a spreadsheet.

Your contributions are a tangible commitment to the mission and vision of [this congregation]. Each time you give, you renew this commitment. And as a result, your support is entwined with all that we believe, and all that we do here, together. This is its own special gift.

In this spirit of trust and generosity, we gratefully accept the offering.