Walking the Crooked Path

a wide path curves through a stand of trees in what appears to be late winter

Holy Spirit of Life and Love,
You who are our source and our ultimate destiny,

Lead us this day on a crooked path.
So often we are in so much of a hurry
Taking the direct route to our goal,
Not allowing ourselves to be distracted,
Sometimes being too direct with one another
in all that we seek to do, to be, and to have.

But we can see that no river takes a direct path to the sea.
Your trees and bushes sprout crooked limbs,
And birds, beasts and insects meander in their search
for food, shelter, or a mate.

We lose so much when we take the direct route –
The interstate which bypasses the quaint township,
The arrow that misses the mark,
The chance to stop and say hello, and how are you,
And really listen to the reply.

So lead us on the crooked path
Past wandering streams and crooked trees,
Following our hearts' desire,
Not just duty's demands,
For the crooked path also leads us home.