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At Some Time

We all take part in this ancient play.
At some time.
There is no other way.

At some time…

Thieves, guilty of poor choices
caught red-handed in our human reality.
One points at the other and says, “You: save me.”
The other bows his head. “I accept responsibility.
The mistakes I’ve made are real.”

At some time….

Believers, excited to have found the answer.
we follow those who lead the way.
Bold and courageous we leave behind the familiar
until one day unwilling to live through the anxiety of a new truth
we slip back to our old familiar ways.

At some time….

Bystanders, as the most frequent of our days are spent.
Watching others change and make change,
busily focused on our needs, caring for family, jobs and friends.
Curious to know what the fuss is all about. Watching and waiting to find out.
Oblivious to all that is underfoot. Heads down, deadlines to meet, responsibilities weighing upon us.

At Some Time…

Broken Hearted.
Weeping as truth is struck down by those in power as if to say
– don’t you dare –
keep trying.
Who are you to weep?

Weeping at the loss...
broken open
by a love
that never leaves us the same.

At Some Time…

We all play every part
in this ancient play.
At some time.