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Let Us Learn Peace

For Praying Out Loud Interfaith Prayers for Public Occasions

By Annie Foerster

From Skinner House Books

A collection of prayers and advice on writing prayers that welcome whole communities and create a holy space for public events.

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(The prayer was written to be read by three people, as indicated by the typefaces.)

Peace is more than the absence of worry.
It is the creation of safe havens for all;
It is the building of security for everyone;
It is the forgiveness of self, as well as one who would
harm you.
Let us seek contentment; let us learn peace.
Peace is more than the absence of discordance.
It is the intent listening to diverse points of view;
It is the intentional speaking of all voices,
one at a time;
It is the tension within silence that welcomes
all thoughts.
Let us seek harmony; let us learn peace.
Peace is more than the absence of tension.
It is studying the hard lesson of letting go;
It is breathing through pain into tranquility;
It is forming friendship out of enmity.
Let us seek serenity; let us learn peace.
Peace is much more than the absence of war.
It is observing the promised truce when anger would say, “no”;
It is finding the just compromise when the ego would
say, “my way”;
It is striving for reconciliation when the heart would say, “revenge.”
Let us seek amity for all the earth; let us learn peace.

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