It’s Mother’s Day Again: A Childless Mother’s Cry

Mother’s Day can be hard. It is a day where children and motherhood are celebrated. Where the biological process of birth is focused upon and the ways that women are mothers through biology or adoption.

It can be a lonely time for those of us whose arms are empty, whose cradles are cavernous, whose wombs are worn. Miscarriage, infertility, stillbirths are not celebrated on Mother’s Day—why would they be? There is no child, therefore no mother.

Yet we are here, a silent, grieving sisterhood whose bodies are unable or have not produced, and whose wombs echo with grief.

The pain of this sisterhood is not unknown to you who are mothers.
We are a sisterhood of silent struggle: we are childless mothers.

What can be said today? Only that once again, it is Mother’s Day.