We—you and I—are in-between right now:
In-between what was and what will be. 
In-between who we were and who we will become. 
In-between letting go and embracing. 
In-between saying hello and saying goodbye. 
In-betweenness, it’s a thing. 
In-betweenness is a time of fullness. 
A time of anticipation. 
A time of hope. 
A time of worry. 
A time of sadness. 
In-betweenness is a time of waiting. 
Waiting for news. 
Waiting for departure. 
Waiting for arrival. 
Waiting for death. 
Waiting for life. 
In-betweenness is a time of transformation. 
A time of reflection. 
A time of action. 
A time of growing. 
A time of becoming. 
During this time of in-betweenness, of knowing and not knowing, let us enter into the silence together... [Silence]... Amen and Blessed Be