Prayer for UN Sunday

Spirit of Life,

We are here as a community dedicated to all that is good and just and beautiful.

We ask that we might be strengthened in our dedication to a better world.

In time of war, when national pride and anger overwhelms the call for world community,

We would remember all those around the world who suffer from acts of violence,

Whether committed by terrorists or by nations.

We go to war as to a funeral,

And so we hold in our hearts all those who are oppressed by forces of privilege and power,

Whose lives are torn by war,

Who are prisoners of conscience.

May we find it within ourselves to capture a vision of a future that can be,

To recognize a brother or a sister in a distant nation,

That we may serve without fear the cause of justice for all.

In the name of all we find holy, we pray.

And take some time in silent affirmation of these hopes and aspirations.



About the Author

Wayne B Arnason

The Rev. Dr. Wayne Arnason is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist with a forty-year career of service in UU congregations and institutions. Rev....

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