Ultimate Grace

Ultimate Grace, the heart of every matter, in every perfection and imperfection, in all senses and: tenses, in moments of every right and wrong, presenting choices to inquiring hearts. You are in the purpose and the journey of mishaps. You are in moments of understanding and misunderstanding. We have but to seek and invoke you, and enable the work of your spirit. As prayer is but an articulated common dream, we invoke our ultimate concern for the work of faith. We long to be hand in hand, creating a world where everyone belongs.

Free us from our hindrances. Make invisible things visible; the voiceless heard; lay what is hidden before us; make the chained unbound; the doubting believe; what is confusing let clarify; as hardened hearts grow soft to the touch. May we come in fullness, with gratefulness, in faithfulness to one another. May we speak in kind conversing, disclosing our truths with care, expressing our practical wisdom to learn of its practical limits. For the world was not meant to be possessed by a singular truth, but to be built together upon revelations.

O Universe, with stars in your hair, you have shown that great things emerge from humble beginnings, no matter how flawed and lacking. That one story, in a stable, in prison, in the cave, in destitution, in abject poverty, if lived in all sincerity can liberate from darkness the many.

May our eyes seek to appreciate, our breaths to dedicate power, our hands to warm each other. When loving fearlessly, we are invincible. When free will is deliberate, we are pivotal. When dreaming together, we are infinite.

Remind us of the very questions that we have turned away from, that we thought could not be answered, or are impossible to realize. Dear Universal Intelligence, your embrace contains everything but confines nothing. In the ever insistence of existence, may this one moment count. Amen.