The Church Incarnate

Sunlight streams through a rounded window.

Come into this place, bringing all you hold with you.
though your heart be heavily burdened,
whether you be on the brink of tears or burn with unquenchable rage
this community can hold you and your strongest emotions,
yes, even the messy ones are welcome here.

Come in if you sing just a bit too loud,
if you hold still as statues and just breathe it in,
if you sway to the music moving your soul, you are welcome.
Come in and say “Amen!” when the spirit moves you!
Tell that preacher to “preach, yes, that’s right! Tell us!”
Or close your eyes and quietly let your mind float free on the blessed words.

Come into this place with every piece of yourself gathered up,
and let us BE the church incarnate.
Let us bring forth the spirit of all that we love
by the words of our mouths and the doing of our hands
As we make sacred this time together.