Chalice Lighting for Challenging Times

Abdul Satar Rahimi, the Deputy Director for the Farah Provincial Council, holds his prayer beads during a ribbon cutting ceremony March 8, 2010, Farah, Afghanistan.

"Why a flaming chalice?” the question comes.
It’s the cup of life, we answer.
A cup of blessings overflowing.
A cup of water to quench our spirits’ thirst.
A cup of wine for celebration and dedication.
The flame of truth.
The fire of purification.
Oil for anointing, healing.
Out of chaos, fear, and horror,
thus was the symbol crafted, a generation ago.
So may it be for us,
in these days of uncertainty, sorrow, and rage.
And a light to warm our souls and guide us home.

This chalice lighting was written for the Sunday after 9/11, but is appropriate for many occasions. The emotions/moods mentioned in the second to last line may be changed to fit the mood of different occasions. It might be particularly useful on "difficult" days; also when many non-UU visitors might be present.