Chalice Lighting for Recognition of Ministry

We light our chalice this morning in the spirit of gratitude,
Thankful for years of ministerial service to this church,
For celebrations of life and death, dedications, and communions,
For leading worship, grounding our congregation in spiritual practice,
Helping us to navigate the wonders and stresses of this world,
And make sense of good times and bad.
Thank you for being a leader, a comforter, and a friend.
Thank you for being our minister.

About the Author

Nick Wilbourn

Nick Wilbourn is a congregant at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Huntsville (AL). He is actively involved in worship, religious education, and congregational life.

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A person's hands and lower arms: the hands touch at the fingertips, palms separated, pointed upwards as if in prayer.

Laying on of Hands

By Keith Goheen

From WorshipWeb

With our words we have given our mind's consent to the letter of this covenant. Now let us come together in the spirit of covenant, laying on our hands, and offering our heart's consent. As we begin, join me in placing your hands over your heart. Feel its precious beating....

Laying on of Hands