This Milestone of Your Life

No matter how far you travel,
No matter if you don’t travel at all,
You are on the cusp of a new life.
People will have expectations of you.
People you love will have expectations of you, both spoken and unspoken.
This you already know.
May you know, too, that you carry within you a spark of the universe creating itself.
That spark connects you to all that is—to all that was and all that will ever be.
That spark is always there in you:
always there, bringing you into being;
always a force of creativity and possibility, especially when the expectations of others overwhelm or disappoint you.
When you doubt yourself or feel afraid;
when you fail, as we all do at times,
Remember that spark—always there sustaining and revitalizing you, like the love you find in this [fellowship, church, society, religious community].
We are always a home for you. Your community is here for you.
Blessings upon you and upon this milestone of your life.