May You Never Thirst
May You Never Thirst

May you never thirst. May your body and your spirit always have what they need. When you are in need of refreshment, or new life, may the waters be available to you. May you never know thirst unto death, in your body or in your soul. May you never thirst.

And may your body and your spirit always thirst enough to stay alive. May you know the dissatisfaction with things as they are that leads to work for justice. May you know the thirst for new knowledge that leads to the quest for truth. May you know the desire for deeper connection that creates new and stronger relationships. May you know the spiritual thirst that keeps the soul searching, and gives the sweetness of new discovery to faithful followers of spiritual paths of all kinds.

May you never thirst too deeply, but may your thirst never be entirely quenched.

About the Author

  • Rev. Erica Baron is a Congregational Consultant in the New England Region. She served the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Catskills in Kingston, New York. She is a 2008 graduate of Andover Newton Theological School and a monthly contributor to the Nature‚Äôs Path blog...

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