Singing for Liberation

In January 2023, Rev. Erika Hewitt, the UUA's Minister of Worship Arts, and Paul Vasile, Executive Director of Music That Makes Community, recorded an hour-long webinar filled with meaningful singing; wisdom about how worship leaders can integrate paperless singing into worship; and conversation about the role of song leaders.

Holding a music binder and gesturing, Paul Vasile leads a group in singing

Paul Vasile

Paul is the Executive Director of Music That Makes Community

Enjoy our video recording (Vimeo) of this webinar, and the list of songs and other resources (PDF) shared by Paul.

  • What or who is Music That Makes Community? Music That Makes Community is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help people connect and learn through singing. They do that by teaching a practice of paperless song-leading grounded in a theology of welcome and generosity for the benefit of musicians, clergy, congregants, students and lay leaders who want to use the practice to enrich and enliven their worship and community life. Many UU professional religious leaders have attended MTMC events, and rave about them.
  • What is paperless singing? It's the teaching and leading of group singing in a way that fosters listening, connection, and engaging with the present moment. Paul and other MTMC leaders embody a faith-based teaching methodology that invites full engagement from the community.