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Everyone Searches for Bethlehem

With a snow-covered mountain the background, a human harm reaches out and, on their bare fingers, lightly holds a curious bird.

Tonight, everyone is displaced and homeless.
Tonight, everyone searches for Bethlehem.
On this night, when the darkness comes so close,
We listen in the stillness for the songs of angels.
Like shepherds, we aren't too sure of what is happening.
We don't know why we are so expectant.
We don't know why we long so deeply for miracles.
Tonight we pray that we might know the one we are seeking.
Tonight may we kneel like kings,
before that which is greater than any kingdom on earth.
Tonight, may we see the holy family that we are a part of.
And may we hear the music that reminds us of our truest home.

About the Author

Tom Schade

The Rev. Tom Schade retired in 2012 after serving for thirteen years as minister of First Unitarian Church of Worcester, Massachusetts. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island, and writes The Lively Tradition; follow him on Twitter at @tominma.The Lively Tradition Tom Schade's Twitter account...

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