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This list includes every page or product from, UU World magazine, or inSpirit books & gifts that is tagged with Individualism.

  • Icarus

    Erica Shadowsong

    From WorshipWeb
    an original retelling Daedalus was a brilliant inventor, and he had made a career, even a legend of himself for being able to create the seemingly...
  • Snowflakes rising

    Robin Colgrove

    From UU World Magazine
    It’s time we reclaim the snowflake story in all its intertwined ramifications.
  • Connection as Resistance

    Erika A. Hewitt

    From WorshipWeb
    In her 1975 theological treatise Suffering, German liberation theologian Dorothee Söelle* examines the ways that suffering can knit humans beings closer...
  • The power of we moves us from individualism to a shared belonging

    Susan Frederick-Gray

    From UU World Magazine
    Mission and covenant are an antidote to individualism. They remind us of the responsibilities that come with an affirmation of interdependence.
  • Julián is a Mermaid

    In an exuberant picture book, a glimpse of costumed mermaids leaves one boy flooded with wonder and ready to dazzle the world.

  • The Beauty Spilling Out

    Amanda Poppei

    From Braver/Wiser
    It's an impulse of the human self to be known fully, and that’s almost never possible unless we risk the conversations that help us see past our initial impressions.
  • Henry David Thoreau: The original none

    Richard Higgins

    From UU World Magazine
    He wanted nothing to do with the Unitarian church that baptized him, but today’s Unitarian Universalism has embraced his revolutionary ecological,...
  • Exuberance

    Jake Morrill

    From Braver/Wiser
    What's my favorite weather? When the wind whips your face, you're alive, and you can think what you will.
  • Turning Point
    Essays on a New Unitarian Universalism

    Fredric Muir

    From Skinner House Books

    In inspiring, fresh essays, 20 UU leaders issue a clarion call for change in the denomination. They show a way forward from an isolated, individualistic "iChurch" to an inclusive, multicultural Beloved Community.

  • Wherever We Go, We Go in Love

    Jen Crow

    From WorshipWeb
    Kids, I want you to do something special: I want you to put on your backpacks, if you brought them, leaving the back pocket open just enough for us to d...