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This list includes every page or product from, UU World magazine, or inSpirit books & gifts that is tagged with Food.

  • Media roundup: Religious responses to Election Day 2020, and more

    Sonja L. Cohen, Christopher L. Walton

    From UU news
    UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray ‘incredibly buoyed’ by turnout; in other news, organ donors celebrated in Michigan, UU banners vandalized in...
  • UU congregations partner with housing, food nonprofits amid pandemic

    Heather Beasley Doyle

    From UU World Magazine
    Kansas and Arizona churches serve as emergency shelters; California and New York churches provide groceries to people in need.
  • Backyard chickens enable more sustainable lives

    Marion and Rich Patterson

    From UU World Magazine
    Owners of small yards can create a food triangle by connecting the garden, kitchen, and chickens.
  • Breakthrough Congregation: Teens lead the way

    Heather Beasley Doyle

    From UU World Magazine
    A Breakthrough Congregation’s teen-led religious education program revitalizes First Religious Society in Carlisle, Massachusetts.
  • Try Again Tomorrow

    HP Rivers

    From Braver/Wiser
    When I internalize cultural messages about the definitions of success or failure—or anything, really—I undermine my own sense of self-worth.
  • If I Can Cook / You Know God Can
    African American Food Memories, Meditations, and Recipes
    From Beacon Press

    An expanded edition of a celebrated book that travels throughout the African diaspora to savor the timeless joy of black cuisine and culture.

  • We Are Grateful

    Amy Kindred

    From WorshipWeb
    Of all the gifts in all the world, for love we are grateful. Of all the gifts in all the world, for helping hands we are grateful....
  • Hunting for answers about human virtue and killing animals

    Jeffrey A. Lockwood

    From UU World Magazine
    Cultivating human virtue, respecting the animal, defining oneself.
  • Thanksgrieving Bread Communion

    Sheri Prud'homme

    From WorshipWeb
    Set up for this ritual: It's especially meaningful to have a congregant bake bread for communion. (If that’s not possible, store bought bread will do.)...
  • Hunger

    William E. Swing

    From WorshipWeb
    “There’s a hunger beyond food that’s expressed in food, and that’s why feeding is always a kind of miracle. It speaks to a bigger desire.” Note:...