The Power of Partnership: Activated!

By Southern Region of the UUA

SR Partnership Activation Request

Your Southern Region Staff Team is excited to announce our Partnership Activation Request process, the new way to connect with your regional staff! This easy-to-navigate process makes it simple for Congregational Leaders to access customized support.

How it works:

  1. Fill out the Partnership Activation Request form. This short questionnaire will help us better understand your needs and will share some of our current offerings available for congregations.
  2. You will then receive an email confirmation which will include information about what you can expect next.
  3. Once your Southern Region partner is assigned, you’ll be contacted individually for an initial intake conversation.

Why are we making this change to the way you connect with Southern Region staff?

The report from the Commission on Institutional Change has asked your Congregational Life staff for standardization across the Unitarian Universalist Association’s five regions, and this form is one simple way you can help us move toward fulfilling that request. We are maturing as a system. To hold our relationships faithfully and fully, we must grow. Our process must grow and mature to reflect the needs of our size, just as they do in your congregations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I have a previous connection with a specific Southern Region staff member, can I just reach out to them?

Yes. AND they will ask you to complete the Partnership Activation Request form. This way, you’ll harness the power of the whole Southern Region team.

If I am already working with a Southern Region staff person on a specific request, do I need to fill out the Partnership Activation Request form each time I contact them?

No. If you are already in the middle of planning an event, such as a ministerial start-up or board retreat, AND you already know which staff members you are working with, please talk directly to those staff members.

Tip - Submit requests early: if you foresee an issue or a goal you may need assistance with, please submit a request by using the Partnership Activation Request form as early as possible. This will give us ample time to allocate the necessary staff time to address your needs.

Our regional staff team mission is to bring more hope, love, justice, courage, and joy into the world. We serve our shared Unitarian Universalist faith by fostering congregational health and vitality. Thank you for being in partnership with us!