Questions About Usher and Greeter Preparedness

Here are some things you might want to consider regarding the preparedness of your ushers and greeters:

  • If someone in your congregation was experiencing a heart attack or medical emergency, would your ushers/greeters be able to assist, or would they know who to alert? Is anyone trained in first aid and CPR? Do they know the congregation’s address (for a 911 call)?

  • If someone was experiencing an urgent mental health concern, would your ushers/greeters be able to assist, or would they know who could? Has anyone been trained in mental health first aid?

  • Are ushers/greeters trained on your active-shooter response?

  • Do ushers/greeters know the plan for evacuation or shelter in place?

  • Do ushers/greeters know how to deal with protesters? Does it matter if the protesters are members, friends, or visitors?

In many ways your ushers and greeters may have to act like flight attendants—being hospitable and friendly and, in the case of emergency, directing people to exits and remaining calm. Ushers and greeters must be willing and able to fulfill their security responsibilities. Their role is too important to treat it as a joke or as optional. On the other hand, they can’t react to people in a hostile, humiliating, or excessively fearful way. Being balanced, knowledgeable, and proactive is the goal (Source: Tina Lewis Rowe.)

Additional Safety Resources for Ushers and Greeters