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A Place of Wholeness

A Place of Wholeness
A Place of Wholeness

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For many youth, especially those raised in Unitarian Universalist communities, the principles, values, and theologies of Unitarian Universalism are in their bones. A Place of Wholeness is an opportunity to examine their faith journeys to better understand themselves in the context of Unitarian Universalism. Every workshop begins with the same opening reading, the last lines of which are: “We are part of this living tradition. Through it we become whole, and through us it becomes whole.” It is this sense of interdependence that the program reinforces. There are several overarching themes that structure this program. Wholeness—the primary theme of the program—is defined as the way in which our Unitarian Universalist “outsides” match our Unitarian Universalist “insides” by understanding, professing, and living our faith. Wholeness is also important in the sense that each person is integral to the wholeness of the Unitarian Universalist community.


About the Authors

  • Rev. Beth Dana serves as Minister of Congregational Life at First Unitarian Church of Dallas, TX. She is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist committed to building beloved community, and has background in religious education and youth ministry.
  • Jesse Jaeger leads Our Whole Lives Grades 7 to 9 and 10 to 12 facilitator trainings and does independent consulting to congregations and small non-profits around visioning, leadership development and conflict transformation. Previously, he spent six years as the Director of...

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