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Taking It Home: The Binding of Isaac

Protest against unworthy images of God is a deeply religious act. — Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker, President, Starr King School for the Ministry

Explore some of the ways in which this story is told and the many meanings that are assigned to it. Obtain the picture book, The Binding of Isaac, by Barbara Cohen (Lothrop, Lee, and Shepard: NY, 1978), in which an aged Isaac recounts to his grandchildren the story of how God tested Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son, or check out children's or family Bibles to see what interpretation is given to the story. Ask family members or friends if they are familiar with the story. When and under what circumstances did they first hear or read it? What did they think about the story then? What do they think now? Have a conversation with family members and friends about the different ways a single Bible story can be understood or used.