Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: World of Wonder: A Program on the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism for Grades K-1

Before You Start

Part of World of Wonder

One of the most important goals of the World of Wonder program is for the children to engage directly with nature, thus the culminating session is designed to be a shared experience in nature, in a nearby natural area or park. Consult with the religious educator to plan all necessary arrangements for this "field trip." Extra volunteers will be needed, so you may wish to invite parents to attend with their child. The timing of the session does not include travel time, so factor that into your plans.

Internet access and the availability of a laptop can enrich sessions which offer links to videos, music, and websites. Because not all religious education programs can count on access to computers and Internet, there are always alternate activities.

This chart provides a snapshot for long-range planning.


Advance Preparation

Session 1

Purchase inflatable earth ball(s). Prepare World of Wonder mural.

Session 6

Gather recycled paper egg cartons for egg carton caterpillars. Optional: If you have the opportunity and means to experience first-hand the metamorphosis of butterflies, kits can be ordered online at or

Session 7

Supplies for Activity 3, Earthworm Wonderland should be gathered or purchased well in advance. Recruit extra volunteers.

Session 8

Supplies for Activity 4, Starting Seedlings should be gathered or purchased in advance.

Session 9

Gather pillows, blankets, large pieces of cloth, and other materials for making child-sized "nests," and materials to decorate the nests.

Session 13

Gather supplies, and practice making pinwheel "wind turbines". Photo-sensitive paper is needed for Alternate Activity 2, Solar Art.

Session 14

Borrow recycling bins and recyclables for Activity 3, Recycle Relay. Gather recycled toilet paper rolls for Activity 5, Binoculars.

Session 16

Plan outdoor field trip well in advance.