Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Resistance and Transformation: An Adult Program on Unitarian Universalist Social Justice History

Activity 4: Journaling

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • A journal for each participant
  • Pens and pencils

Preparation for Activity

  • Obtain journals. These can be simple, inexpensive notebooks, but should be sturdy enough for participants to tape/glue items to the pages.

Description of Activity

Distribute journals to participants. Say the journals are theirs to use for the duration of the program and participants may keep their journals when the program concludes.

Invite participants to answer this question by writing or drawing in their journals:

How do you hope to be changed by participating in this program?

Tell them they will be invited to share with the group all or a portion of what they have written or drawn.

Including All Participants

Remind participants, words are only one way to express thoughts and feelings. Make certain participants understand they may use drawings, symbols, or any other form of expression in their journals.