Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Resistance and Transformation: An Adult Program on Unitarian Universalist Social Justice History

Spiritual Preparation

Hear your commission to love, to create community, and to heal. One at a time in personal relationships, ten at a time in covenant groups, hundreds at a time in our congregations, hundreds of thousands at a time in our religious movement, millions at a time as we take our commission deeper and deeper into humanity's heart as a justice-loving people who will transform the world. — Thandeka, contemporary Unitarian Universalist theologian

Meet with your co-leader(s) and discuss your leadership style. What do you think are your strengths in leading discussions? What are your growing edges? What makes you nervous? How can you work together, as leaders, to use your existing strengths while supporting each other's growth? To get your leadership conversation started, look back over your experiences as a participant in group discussions and workshops, asking:

  • Which are memorable because they were engaging, or interesting, or offered new perspectives?
  • Which are memorable because they did not work especially well?
  • What is my personal style in a group setting? Do I usually like to (a) speak up first, (b) get the last word, (c) interject when I disagree with something, (d) speak only if I have something really important to say, or (e) have another pattern of which I should be aware?

Consider your current role as a facilitator:

  • What experience do I bring to this role? What gifts?
  • What energizes or inspires me about this role?
  • What concerns or worries me about this role?

Before you lead the workshop, take time to complete this sentence: "At the end of this workshop, I hope the participants leave feeling..."