Black Lives Matter Banner Vandalism Creates Opportunities for Dialogue

People stand below a banner displaying the phrase "Black Lives Matter"

Check out the many ways UUs have displayed Black Lives Matter banners at our congregations.

Many Black Lives Matter banners have been vandalized or stolen. These events and the associated “Black Lives Matter” vs. “All Lives Matter” rhetoric has been frustrating and upsetting for many. But it has also revealed just how deeply racism and in particular, anti-black sentiments, are embedded in our culture. Many Unitarian Universalists have used these incidents of vandalism as teachable moments and opportunities for dialogue.

As people of faith and conscience, we understand that to proclaim Black Lives Matter, we need to ask ourselves: Are we willing to acknowledge the historical and ongoing violence and oppression dealt to black people by white supremacy? Are we willing to acknowledge that black lives are still worth less than white lives in the United States? Are we willing to take our lead from black people and center the needs of black people and the movement over our own desire to feel comfortable and acknowledged in our efforts? May grappling with these difficult questions guide our work as people of faith in this critical and historic moment.