A Powerful Stewardship Education & Management Tool
A Powerful Stewardship Education & Management Tool

Quartile AnalysisA Great Tool You Never Knew You Had

When we begin working with a congregation on almost any aspect of their stewardship environment, we usually start with a Quartile Analysis (QA). Oftentimes when we ask if a QA has been run by the leadership, we receive a quizzical look, followed by acknowledgement that the congregation not only does not have one – they don’t know what that is. Easily corrected, and well worth the effort.

Quartile analysis is a proven tool to illustrate for your members and pledging friends how well we share the distribution of gifts among the congregation and whether we are vulnerable to severe imbalances, (too few people contibuting too much of the total or too many of us contributing too little). Read more…

About the Author

  • Bill Clontz is a stewardship consultant emeritus for UU regions and was a cofounder of Stewardship For Us .

For more information contact pwr@uua.org.

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