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Mark Hicks

Mark A. Hicks, Ed.D. is the Angus MacLean Professor of Religious Education at Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago. Formerly a professor of educational transformation, he holds a doctorate degree in philosophy and education and a master's degree in adult development in higher education, both from Columbia University in New York City.

Drawing on his experience as a teacher, musician, and university administrator and his advocacy for social change, Mark consults nationally with congregations, schools, universities, and government and nonprofit organizations on building inclusive, democratic, multiracial, multicultural learning communities. He has been recognized by peers for teaching excellence and is widely known for creating educational experiences that lead to spiritual, cognitive, and social change. His scholarship has been recognized nationally for its transformative qualities. His work has been published in The Journal of Transformative EducationJournal of College CounselingMulticultural Perspectives,Educational Studies, and in 2010, the first Handbook of Research on the Social Foundations of Education. Mark is a member and lay leader at All Souls Church, Unitarian in Washington, DC, and The Riverside Church in New York City. Visit his website.

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Building the World We Dream About | Tapestry of Faith

Building the World We Dream About

Mark Hicks

From Building the World We Dream About
A UU program that seeks to interrupt the workings of racism and transform how people from different racial/ethnic groups relate to one another.

Building the World We Dream About for Young Adults | Tapestry of Faith

Building the World We Dream About - Young Adults

Mark Hicks

From Building the World We Dream About for Young Adults
Offers a process by which young adults can engage in honest and open conversations about race.


COIC Innovation

Mary Byron, Mark Hicks, Paula Cole Jones, Karin Lin

From LeaderLab
Our faith is changing and we need innovation in worship, in leadership, and in new communities. How do we support the innovators and risk-takers among us?
What Do We Do Now? A Faith Formation Response to Death During a Global Pandemic

Mark Hicks

From LeaderLab
When his brother died of COVID-19, Mark Hicks helped to plan a meaningful memorial for his family. This is his story.


Testifying (a reading for five voices)

Mark Hicks

From WorshipWeb
Frances, an African American woman: To be African-American in this country is to face racism throughout life, however subtle....

Mark Hicks

From WorshipWeb
My father asked if I am gay I asked Does it matter? He said, No not really I said, Yes. He said get out of my life. I guess it mattered. My friend asked...

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