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Being Grateful
From Better Together
With Thanksgiving just past and the holiday season approaching, this marks the beginning of the season of thankfulness and gratitude.
Congratulations 8th Principle Congregations!
From Better Together
In 2013, the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia, PA became the first congregation to approve the 8th Principle.
The Only Constant is Change
From Better Together
Over the last month or so, readers of this blog have seen a post by Amy Kent about her promotion to Congregational Life as Executive Administrator and h...
Networking Sessions Return for 2022-23
From Better Together
Join us for our quarterly networking session. Our main focus will be what you can learn from and share with each other, although staff will be on the call.
Congregational Leader Resources
From Better Together
If your congregation is like most, this is the time of year that you are experiencing the most leadership changes.
Resources for Congregational Board Members
From Better Together
Welcome and thank you to all of you who have agreed to join or continue on your congregation's board.
Worship Resources for Congregations
From Better Together
As we head into spring and many start thinking about hybrid and in person services restarting or increasing, making the worship planning easier...
Happy Holidays from the CER Staff
From Better Together
Happy Holidays, Central East Region!

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Do You Know Who Your Primary Contact Is?
From Central East Regional Group
The Central East Regional (CER) has a primary contact staff system to ensure our congregations know who to reach out to for assistance.


Creating a Community of Communities
From LeaderLab
How can your congregation practice being a Community of Communities to foster inclusion and diversity?

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