Children's Sabbath

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  • Our Roots of Resilience

    Kimberlee Anne Tomczak Carlson

    From WorshipWeb
    A movement meditation for all ages
  • Chalice Lighting for Those Coming of Age

    Kendyl R Gibbons

    From WorshipWeb
    I light this chalice as a symbol of my commitment to the values of Unitarian Universalism. May its light be a beacon of hope to me, and to all who seek...
  • Eating a Candle

    Erika A. Hewitt

    From WorshipWeb
    To prepare for this Message for All Ages, you’ll need to do the following: remove a small white tea light from its aluminum casing make a fake candle ou...
  • Fair vs. Equal (an all-ages activity/Time for All Ages)

    Erika A. Hewitt

    From WorshipWeb
    What does “fair” mean? Is “fair” the same thing as “equal”? Which one is reflected in the concept of “justice”? Designed to be used as a...
  • The Birthday Circle: A Ritual to Celebrate Another Year Around the Sun

    Teresa Honey Youngblood

    From WorshipWeb
    The Birthday Circle is a ritual that shows children that they are loved, known, and appreciated in our families and communities.
  • A Human Family

    Martha Dallas

    From WorshipWeb
    This children's worship activity relies on the use of objects that you'll have to assemble. Its author used Quarto!...
  • It Takes a UU Village to Raise a UU Child

    Tess Baumberger

    From WorshipWeb
    Leader 1: It takes a Unitarian Universalist Village to raise a Unitarian Universalist Child. We will read what we believe important for our children to...
  • Children Widen the Circle of Our Being in Ways That Are Limitless

    Gary Kowalski

    From WorshipWeb
    Children widen the circle of our being in ways that are limitless. Every baby that’s born connects us to our history, our own parents, grandparents and...
  • Noelle and the Really Big Boat

    Christian Schmidt

    From WorshipWeb
    A tale of salvation, ecology, and sharing. Characters Narrator Noelle Voice in a dream Noelle’s sisters Jane, Rain, and Elaine Friendly farmer(s) Ship...
  • And How Are the Children?

    Patrick T O'Neill

    From WorshipWeb
    Among the most accomplished and fabled tribes of Africa, no tribe was considered to have warriors more fearsome or more intelligent than the mighty Masai.