Examining Whiteness: An Anti-Racism Curriculum

One of the ways that racism affects us is by shaping our identity (and this is true for whites and People of Color). These materials, prepared by the Rev. Dr. William Gardiner, are made available to Unitarian Universalists (UUs), particularly white people interested in transforming their whiteness through understanding the complex history of white supremacy of over four hundred years in the United States, and the impact it has on us as individuals and the society as a whole.

Providing an anti-racism curriculum for white people allows deeper understanding of issues that are essential to furthering a white anti-racist identity. The curriculum includes sections on:

  • The History of White Supremacy in the United States
  • The Emotional Lives of White People
  • Racial Identity Development
  • Racial Identity Journey
  • White Power and Privilege
  • Developing a Positive White Identity

There are two sections for the Examining Whiteness curriculum. One is written for individuals and a separate section is available for facilitators. The individual section is available for personal and group study. However, the recommended process for learning from the curriculum is in a group. Studying as part of a group provides a richer experience to discuss, share, and respond to writings that may evoke complicated and strong emotions and thoughts.